Carebay FAQ's

Carers FAQ's

  • Does it cost me anything to join?

    No. Carebay is completely free to use. It’s a chance to put your best foot forward and reach out to potential clients who want to use you on a one to one basis. Potential clients buy credits to contact you through your Carebay profile.Potential clients may contact you using your phone number and /or email address if they buy credits and decide that they would like to use you.

  • Do I need to leave my current job if I want to become a self employed carer?

    No. There’s no need to change anything with your current employment. You can do extra work as a self employed carer whilst you are still employed. This allows you to earn extra cash at times that suit you and whilst working around your current job.This can also be claimed back through your self assessment tax return.

  • How will I get paid?

    You will get paid directly from the client/service user you’re working with. If you work regularly with clients then we would recommend that the client pays you on a weekly basis. This could be in cash, cheque or BACS transfer straight in to your bank account.

  • Can I use my current DBS?

    Yes. If the client you are working for is happy with this then the DBS you hold now will be ok to use, however we recommend that you obtain a new DBS as a freelance carer. See the insurance and DBS page on the Carebay website for the quickest way to get this sorted!
  • How much will I get paid?

    This is entirely up to you. The more experienced you are along with the level of service you give to your clients will determine what you can earn. If you are well qualified, reliable, honest, punctual and have great profile feedback from clients that have already used, you will then be more in demand thus being better compensated for the good work you do and what you do best. An average range could be from £10 per hour to £15 per hour and sometimes more!

  • Am I insured as a self employed carer?

    You can purchase discounted insurance through the Carebay website. Go to the insurance and DBS page, just phone the number and give the caller code to get fully insured at a discounted price. This insurance gives you comprehensive cover so will give you the peace of mind whilst you give great care knowing that your protected.
  • Do I need a uniform and ID badge

    If you are undertaking personal care, then we would definitely recommend that you wear a uniform. You can purchase Logo’d Carebay tunic uniforms by emailing us. These are £32 each. ID badges can also be purchased by emailing us a picture of yourself holding your identification so we can clearly see your face, name and address in one picture. We will then make your ID badge and send it in the post. ID badges cost £15 each and last for 1 year. You will need an ID badge before the commencement of any care as this is one of the things you will constantly be asked for.

  • Do I need to work evenings and weekends

    No. The joy of becoming a Carerbay carer is that you work when you want to work. You do exactly the house that suit you best whilst getting paid much more for the work you undertake.

Care users FAQ’s

  • Are the carers I see on Carebay properly trained?

    Yes. Most of the Carers you see on the site are already working either in the community or for an organisation. You can go in to the carers profile and clearly see what training they have completed and how up to date they are. We also encourage you to ask the carer personally about their training, insurance and DBS (Police check) when and if you invite them round to your home to meet you and your family.

  • Will I be employing the carer?

    No. The big idea behind Carebay is that you use the carers as and when you need to. They are self employed in their own right and most prefer the freedom of not being employed with the extra work they do.

  • How do I check to make sure they are compliant?

    Carebay gives you the chance to fully checkout the carer before you actually use them. You can message the carer, speak to the carer on the phone and then (If you feel comfortable) invite the carer round to meet you and your family then decide from then if the carer is someone who is good enough to give you a level of service you need.

  • How do I pay?

    You pay the carers directly. It will be up to you to make an arrangement with the carer/s you decide to use. You may want to pay them on a daily, weekly or even a monthly basis, the choice is yours as long as you and the carer are happy.

  • What if I’m not happy with the carer?

    If it turns out that the carer is not right for you then just simply stop using them and find a carer that’s better suited to your needs. You will be able to leave negative and positive feedback for every carer you use on their Carebay profile.

  • Will it cost any more if I want to keep on using the carer?

    No. You only use a small amount of credits to make first contact with the carer. Future arrangements are between you and the carer and you will never be charged any extra for continual use.