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Welcome to The British Association of Care Professionals

Joining the BACP?

We are the leading professional body for care professionals working within a community setting, nursing homes, hospitals and other establishments. BACP members understand that our uk health care sector has lost its shine over the recent years and that’s why we are here! You will find that by being a member of the BACP will set you apart from other professionals in the field as we represent quality, professionalism and aim to set you apart from carers that just want to get paid no matter the detriment to their clients.
As a member you will also have access to a wide range of discounted training, tools, materials, resources, clothing and equipment that allows you to give the best care service possible. Membership is essential for care professionals who are committed to improving the way care is delivered within the UK. By wearing our pin-badge, clients will instantly recognise that you stand for professionalism and belong to a professional association that closely monitors the standards of its members to ensure that the best possible care is given at all times.
The British association of care Professionals has given Community Carers and staff in other sectors the opportunity to finally be apart of a professional body that really matters. The association is nurse lead and managed by qualified nurses with over 20 years experience in community domiciliary care, nursing and healthcare on a whole.


By joining us shows that you are credible member of a professionals body. After registration you will be given a membership badge to wear on your uniform lapel or lanyard that shows the people you are working for that you are of a particulate standard the BACP requires. This will help you to to generate more contacts, get more work and give your customers a little more comfort in the fact that they are using a registered carer. Membership is only open to carers that already have a valid DBS (old CRB), have the necessary training requirement relevant to the work they are undertaking and also keep themselves up do date with current legislation within the health and social care industry.
Please click the link below to download a copy of the membership application form.
Membership application form

To buy: £65 per year

key benefits at a glance

  • Being part of the only UK association who supports carers in giving a better services to the people they look after.
  • Gain access to telephone support, email support, on line support and online resources so you can continue to grow your confidence and knowledge base.
  • As a member, you will get to where our METAL lapel pin badge. This confirms to your customers and colleagues that you work to a certain height standard and you are fully supported in what you do.
  • By being a member and wearing the badge, it will give you greater recognition and integrity as a self employed carer. It will also aid you in building your own portfolio of clientele.
  • Care with confidence, knowing that you are a part of the UK's leading organisation promoting quality care.